Classes - Tribe Studio Palm Beach

Barbell Body

This is an intense strength training class that will challenge ALL of your major muscle groups. You will get expert instruction on the plate-loaded barbell equipment, experience infectious energy from the music and class vibes … all while seeing and feeling heart-pumping results. Emphasis will be on proper form and function in a non-threatening and positive environment. As always, we encourage all fitness levels to give this a try.

Barre Burn

If you are looking to awaken dormant muscles while adding variety into your workout regime, look no further! The exercises in this ballet barre-method class are designed to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt every major and minor muscle group. The movements are very detail-oriented and choreographed using a small range of motion for maximum burn and body transformation. Hand-held pilates balls, very light weights and resistance tubes assist in this effective (and popular) technique. Results guaranteed! We will save a spot for you at the barre!

Beats and Barre

The first 30 minutes of this class will get you moving. The instructor will play upbeat dance tracks for cardio to ignite the body and get the calories burning. The second half of this class is designed to tighten and tone your muscles focusing on barre-style techniques and postures. It’s an extremely effective (and FUN!) combo to sweat and sculpt you from head to toe.

Bosu® Sculpt

The Bosu® is an amazing fitness tool that helps establish and reinforce balance, stability, and core strength. The blue unstable surface (which is like a stability ball cut in half), forces you to maintain your center of gravity – which can make the exercises more effective than standing or moving on the floor. Training on the Bosu® can add variety to your workout, and help you achieve great results! The instructor will have you on and off the Bosu®, mixing in strength training to create fun intervals for a total body challenge.

Cardio Ball

In the Tribe equipment arsenal, you will see a lot of exercise balls of all sizes and weights, and this class will utilize all of them! Your heart will be pumping throughout the whole class while the Instructor leads you through unique ball exercises. Perhaps you’ll slam a weighted med ball on the floor, use the small pilates ball for core work, perform jump squats on the Bosu® or use the traditional stability ball for decline pushups and pikes … sound interesting? Each class will be unique, results-driven and most of all FUN – you might even have a ball? But we know you will be transformed and empowered!

Cardio Core

Interval training is the most effective way to burn fat and get super lean. This class provides creative cardio drills to help rev up your metabolism mixed with strength and sculpting moves focused solely on the powerhouse of your body – YOUR CORE! The instructor will constantly vary the exercises and equipment to keep this class exciting and unique. You’ll see your body fat decrease and your six pack make its debut!

Cardio Sculpt

We want to keep you guessing and challenge you differently in every time slot! This class provides well thought-out and safe upper and lower body compound strength exercises combined with cardio intervals of all kinds. Designed to help you crush your fitness goals, it’s a total body workout session that’s a major calorie burner and metabolism shifter. It’s classic fitness methods mixed with cutting edge program design. Grab your hand weights and a mat and let’s go!

Core and Roll

Challenge the powerhouse of your body and roll out everything else! The Instructor will use a foam roller throughout the class to focus on strengthening your core and flattening your abs mixed with myo-fascia release exercises to help restore every part of your body. You will feel stronger with recovered muscles when you walk out the door. Foam rolling is key in preventing injuries, improving flexibility and easing sore muscles. This class is the perfect complement to any of your favorite Tribe workouts!
Our Recover and Roll class is very similar to this, but with a stronger emphasis on stretching, improving flexibility and adding length to your muscles.

Dance Cardio

This cardio class will get your heart pumping with easy-to-follow dance moves set to energetic and upbeat music. The only rules in class are to keep moving and have fun – if you do those two things, the fitness benefits will come naturally! No prior dance experience is necessary, all levels of fitness are welcome and encouraged.

Fight Club

This intense, total-body workout is guaranteed to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. It’s an awesome blend of athletic drills mixed with martial arts style movements to create a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout. You will punch, kick and squat your way to a strong and fit body. Don’t be surprised if the Instructor utilizes boxing bags, wraps, gloves and jump ropes as part of the class format! Calorie expenditure is through the roof and you will walk out feeling seriously fierce … like you can take on the world!

Hip Hop Dance Cardio

The focus here is on fun and movement! Follow along to 8-count dance moves while adding-on and building through an entire dance routine. The instructor spells it out for you slowly all while you’ll burn tons of calories. By the end of class, you will feel like you were just in a music video. It’s a party in the studio! Great music, lots of laughs and no expectations. No dance experience necessary…let go of your inhibitions, follow the instructor and everything just falls in to place.

In-Trinity® Board

In-Trinity® is a practice that accesses development of the mind & body through movement. The Johnny G In-Trinity Board (google it!) by Matrix redefines the training environment. With new opportunities for movement below the board, this practice builds strength, deepens flexibility and improves balance, coordination and agility. For the first time, you can take your training further than ever possible before. In-Trinity programs breathe new life into traditional practices like yoga, Pilates and martial arts. Uniquely designed by Johnny G, this “energy-in” practice promotes physical and mental well-being for all fitness levels.


You will not find another class like this in Palm Beach County! Using a classic kettlebell and The Reebok Deck®, get ready to transform yourself with an emphasis on strength and cardio intervals. Periods of kettlebell swings and combinations alternating with cardio drills on The Deck®, you will challenge and improve every major muscle group. You will feel stronger after each class and definitely more accomplished when you walk out the door.

Liquid Muscle

This is a mat-based class that blends the best movements from Yoga and Pilates to strengthen the core, increase flexibility, improve coordination and develop long lean muscles. This class is set to a very different pace than the typical Yoga and Pilates classes. The music is typically a house-style genre…it’s loud and upbeat. With regular participation, students experience the core-firming benefits of Pilates and the flexibility and strength features of Yoga. Fat will be burning, sweat will be dripping all while your mind escapes to emotional peace and you find your inner-strength. In a typical class, you work all parts of the body in a variety of positions. It’s unique. It’s innovative. It’s Liquid Muscle.

Reebok Deck® Cardio

Step is definitely not dead! You’ll burn calories and shape your body with lots of fun and professionally-cued choreography. Straddles and repeaters, V-steps and hop turns, step touches and knee lifts — this class features all your step favorites but with a modern and innovative twist. So, set up your Reebok Deck® for a class that can help increase your strength, lose body fat and gain cardiovascular endurance! All levels of fitness are welcome.

Tribe Shred

It’s the ultimate combination of sculpting, cardio, plyometrics, core work, bootcamp movements and HIIT intervals set to great music with high energy! With the use of weights, bars, balls, Decks®, resistance tubes, gliding discs and more, you will see your body change before your eyes. Exercises vary each week and include all modalities from the group fitness industry, providing the ultimate in muscle confusion and a totally SHREDDED body! Each Team Tribe Instructor provides their own unique and creative interpretation of Tribe Shred. 60 minutes will never go by so fast!


Take the ‘work’ out of your workout and party yourself into shape! Zumba® mixes low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you’ll see why this format is often called exercise in disguise … and it’s moving millions of people towards joy and health. Put this in Tribe’s beautiful studio environment taught by our experienced instructors and you have the best of ALL worlds!