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New Year and BETTER You in 2022!

We have all heard the phrase ‘New Year, New You’ dozens of times. But what does that really mean? Is it to imply that the current version of ourselves needs to be replaced with something completely new? Probably not the greatest mindset to have at the beginning of a year. As it stands, most of Read More

Effective Workout Routines

Could you be going about your fitness routine all wrong? Regarding exercise, it’s very common in our society to hear people say that they are “headed to the gym”, “working out”, “taking a class” or “going on a run”. But what do these things really mean? When it comes to exercise, people tend to be Read More

Benefits of Rhythm-Based Group Fitness

Can Rhythm-Based Group Fitness Classes Make You Smarter? The answer is YES! And not only that, but studies have shown that regular participation in Instructor-led, musically-driven group fitness can ease symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, improve memory and concentration, and quite simply … add more joy to your life. Not all ’cardio’ is the Read More

Step is not dead at Tribe Studio

Do you know the benefits of classic step workouts are very diverse? Learning and practicing step patterns not only benefit your entire body, heart, lungs and burns a TON of calories, but it also trains your brain! This helps prevent brain fog, memory loss and overall cognitive decline. The rhythmic stepping movements and choreography (from Read More