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Band Together

Get ripped with resistance bands and tubes in this HIIT-style strength training workout targeted to LIFT and SHAPE your BOOTY while toning and strengthening everything else. Resistance equipment is utilized during low and high-intensity (Pilates-inspired) intervals to challenge the body through all planes of motion while targeting the glutes and hips through lateral engagement. During low-intensity intervals, students move through dynamic stretches and poses to release the muscle group targeted during the corresponding high-intensity interval. Other fitness tools may be used including the Reebok Deck®, dumbbells, Bosu Balance Trainer®, our very own Tribe Sliders and much more.

Barbell Body

It’s back to the fitness basics! Hand weights, Body Bars®, plate-loaded barbell equipment mixed with Tribe’s large assortment of resistance tools are incorporated to sculpt, tighten and strengthen every major (and minor!) muscle group. You will get expert instruction while seeing and feeling heart-pumping results. Emphasis will be on proper form and function in a non-threatening and positive environment. As always, we encourage all fitness levels to give this effective workout a try.

Barre Burn

If you are looking to awaken dormant muscles while adding variety into your workout regime, look no further! The exercises in this ballet barre-method class are designed to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt every major and minor muscle group. The movements are very detail-oriented and choreographed using a small range of motion for maximum burn and body transformation. Hand-held pilates balls, very light weights and resistance tubes assist in this effective (and popular) technique. Results guaranteed! We will save a spot for you at the barre!

BODY AND SOUL …a transformation

This is a barefoot workout that begins with a fluid, flowing warm-up to increase blood flow and circulation along with deep stretches to set the pace for a mind, body and spiritual workout. The music speaks to you with many different rhythms and soulful beats that will ground you and begin to create the brain-to-body connection. Then, using a variety of resistance tools, you will start fat burning and strength training all of the major muscle groups with a strong emphasis on your core. The class intensity keeps building as you go, working your whole body and soul … challenging you to reach the next best part of yourself! You will feel your inner confidence improving as you clear the outside noise and negativity. The end of the class is always something to look forward to … Zion Green, the creator of this format, transitions you into a meditative mindset to calm the body and mind as he sends you on your way with positive affirmations. And don’t be surprised if you hear him singing during the cooldown. It is truly a special class.

Bosu® Sculpt

The Bosu® is an amazing fitness tool that helps establish and reinforce balance, stability, and core strength. The black unstable surface (which is like a stability ball cut in half), forces you to maintain your center of gravity – which can make the exercises more effective than standing or moving on the floor. Training on the Bosu® can add variety to your workout, and help you achieve great results! The instructor will have you on and off the Bosu®, mixing in strength training to create fun intervals for a total body challenge.

Cardio Beats

The focus here is on FUN and movement. You’ll always see a creative and different mix of easy-to-follow dance patterns, drum stick sequences and unique cardio combos. The music is thoughtfully arranged to be upbeat, energetic and on-trend. The only ‘rules’ are to keep moving and have a great time! It’s serious cardio, but it’s meant to create an escape in your day and make you smile. No prior dance experience is necessary, all levels of fitness are welcome and encouraged!

Cardio Core

Interval training is the most effective way to burn fat and get super lean. This class provides creative cardio drills to help rev up your metabolism mixed with strength and sculpting moves focused solely on the powerhouse of your body – YOUR CORE! The instructor will constantly vary the exercises and equipment to keep this class exciting and unique. You’ll see your body fat decrease and your six pack make its debut!

Cardio Sculpt

We want to keep you guessing and challenge you differently in every time slot! This class provides well thought-out and safe upper and lower body compound strength exercises combined with cardio intervals of all kinds. Designed to help you crush your fitness goals, it’s a total body workout session that’s a major calorie burner and metabolism shifter. It’s classic fitness methods mixed with cutting edge program design. Grab your hand weights and a mat and let’s go!

Fight Club

This intense, total-body workout is guaranteed to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. It’s an awesome blend of athletic drills mixed with martial arts style movements to create a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout. You will punch, kick and squat your way to a strong and fit body. Don’t be surprised if the Instructor utilizes boxing bags, wraps, gloves and jump ropes as part of the class format! Calorie expenditure is through the roof and you will walk out feeling seriously fierce … like you can take on the world!


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes are very popular because people can see and feel results fast! This training style gives participants the chance to go ‘all-out’ during short and intense work intervals followed by a bit of recovery time and a safe transition to the next exercise. It’s perfect for all fitness levels because each person can pick their own intensity level or modification and follow along. Tribe’s HIIT IT ONCE format is extra special because there are ABSOLUTELY NO REPEATS! Each exercise is only performed one time for one interval and then it’s on to the next. Exercises and equipment vary each week and will always include upper and lower body strength training, core work + lots of cardio. This class is ideal for people who get bored easily, want to shake up their workouts, need to break a plateau or simply get re-motivated and back into a fitness routine. HIIT has a long list of amazing benefits including increased fat-burning during and after the workout, an upward shift in metabolic rate and improved strength. You will not find another class like Tribe Studio’s HIIT IT ONCE … so book this amazing workout today!

In-Trinity® Board

In-Trinity® is a practice that accesses development of the mind & body through movement. The Johnny G In-Trinity Board (google it!) by Matrix redefines the training environment. With new opportunities for movement below the board, this practice builds strength, deepens flexibility and improves balance, coordination and agility. For the first time, you can take your training further than ever possible before. In-Trinity programs breathe new life into traditional practices like yoga, Pilates and martial arts. Uniquely designed by Johnny G, this “energy-in” practice promotes physical and mental well-being for all fitness levels.

Kettlebell Cardio

You will not find another class like this in Palm Beach County! Using a classic kettlebell and varied cardio equipment, get ready to be transformed with an emphasis on total body strength, core development and cardiovascular conditioning. Set to amazing music, you’ll train through intervals of unique kettlebell combinations alternating with creative (and fun!) cardio segments. The Instructor will challenge you to level up your fitness class routine and encourage a high athletic performance. However, all levels of fitness are welcome as the Instructor will show several different options for each exercise so there is something for everyone and a goal to strive for! What’s better than that?

Liquid Muscle

This is a mat-based class that blends the best movements from Yoga and Pilates to strengthen the core, increase flexibility, improve coordination and develop long lean muscles. This class is set to a very different pace than the typical Yoga and Pilates classes. The music is typically a house-style genre…it’s loud and upbeat. With regular participation, students experience the core-firming benefits of Pilates and the flexibility and strength features of Yoga. Fat will be burning, sweat will be dripping all while your mind escapes to emotional peace and you find your inner-strength. In a typical class, you work all parts of the body in a variety of positions. It’s unique. It’s innovative. It’s Liquid Muscle.

Mat-Pilates Sculpt

Created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates, this practice is a system of controlled exercises that engages the core and conditions the total body. It’s a blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles. Pilates takes a balanced approach so that no one muscle gets over-worked. With regular practice, your body will move as an efficient, holistic system in sport and daily activity. It’s a wonderful way to learn how to focus in on yourself and learn body control and balance. And since Tribe Instructors like to keep things fresh and updated, you will also see creative exercises that work your bootie, legs and arms as well … all set to modern tracks that will keep you moving and motivated.

Recover and Roll

Using our 3-foot foam roller, lacrosse balls, yoga straps, blocks and more – the Instructor will teach you and demonstrate the benefits of myo-fascia release along with other beneficial deep stretching techniques. A strong emphasis will be placed on improving flexibility, lengthening your muscles and recovering from all of our challenging Tribe classes. These movements and practices will help restore every part of your body. Foam rolling is the key to preventing injuries, improving joint mobility and easing sore muscles. You will feel strong, relaxed and ready for your next Tribe class when you walk out the door.
*The Instructor may incorporate the In-Trinity Board® on an occasion for a deeper stretch and added benefit.

Slash and Burn:

This class is unique and challenging, yet a very simple concept to grasp. Perform repetitions of 5 different effective compound exercises, starting with 10 and ‘slashing’ down each round until you hit ZERO! In between each round, you’ll have a chance to re-hydrate and recover to get you set up and ready to go for the next one. You’ll feel connected to everyone in the studio because each person is working towards the same goal. The 60 minutes will fly by while you hit every major muscle group and greatly improve your cardiovascular level. Slash and Burn is suitable for all fitness levels as the instructor will show options for each exercise, therefore, you can pick the one that’s best for you and just get after it! Starting with 10 of each one, then 9, then 8 – the reps and rounds keep decreasing, your drive and motivation start increasing … and that’s when the magic happens!

Sweat and Swagger

Sweat & Swagger is a mix of high energy, urban style, and positive vibes! Joanna Cavalcante, the Founder and Creator of this emerging brand, likes to say that S&S is a lifestyle and can be expressed in this dance workout known to be a heart-pumping, beat dropping, cardio dance experience that will bring out your inner badass. Participants say that it’s always a positive environment where everyone is just happy to be there dancing, getting great cardio and escaping from the world for 60 minutes … and without any judgements or preconceived notions. Just jump on in to class and have some good, clean cardio fun!

Tribe Shred

This is one of Tribe’s signature formats! It’s the ultimate combination of sculpting, cardio, plyometrics, core work, bootcamp drills and HIIT intervals set to THE BEST music! With the use of weights, bars, various balls, Reebok Decks®, Bosu Trainers®, resistance tubes, our very own Tribe Sliders and much more, you will see your body change right before your eyes. Exercises vary each class and include ALL MODALITIES from the group fitness industry, providing the ultimate in muscle confusion and a totally SHREDDED body! You might see a kickboxing combo as a cardio interval or a Pilates-inspired interval for core work … and then the Instructor might incorporate cardio step drills and barre-inspired intervals for strength. Each Team Tribe Instructor provides their own unique and creative interpretation of Tribe Shred, and it’s truly never the same. It will be the fastest and most-effective 60 minutes of your entire day! Do not miss a Shred class at Tribe Studio.

Zionic Dance Fitness

It’s a NEW and EXCITING way to get fit using rhythm and dance while you exercise your mind, body and soul with the Founder and Creator, Zion Green!This workout is designed to incorporate all styles of dance…you’ll see everything from Hip Hop to the Waltz, but put together in a creative way that meets the needs of the fitness fanatic looking for a serious cardio workout and high calorie burn. Great emphasis is placed on breathing techniques, muscle engagement, proper alignment and SERIOUS FUN! The most unique and special part of this class is the last 15 minutes. Zion will transition into teaching you elements from his Body and Soul format as he sings a beautiful song while you are stretching and cooling down. It’s one of the most engaging and creative fitness classes you’ll ever take. All fitness levels – from beginners to advanced – will benefit from this class and absolutely no dance experience is needed. As always at Tribe Studio, there are no judgements whatsoever. Just enjoy yourself to the fullest!