Instructors Archive - Tribe Studio Palm Beach


At Tribe Studio, our Instructors are obsessed with bringing you as much variety and creativity that the group fitness industry has to offer. We are constantly researching, testing out the latest trends for efficacy and acquiring new certifications to stay current.

If you look at our schedule, you will notice that each time slot, each day and each class are set up to provide tons of variety, but it all works together like a giant puzzle for the absolute best results.

So if you are a ‘stay for two classes in a row’ type, they will work together for you and not repeat. Or, if you are a ‘every day same time’ type, each day works synergistically with the rest of the week, so your workout is never quite the same. There’s a method to the madness but leave the programming to us…just show up and have fun, we will take care of the rest.