Amanda Hollingsworth - Tribe Studio Palm Beach

Amanda Hollingsworth


Amanda has always enjoyed group fitness. The idea of a group of people joining together to work out can be one of the most inspiring and enjoyable hours of the day. The studio, the music, the equipment, the instructor and the people are the reasons people come back for more. It was that ‘coming back for more’ mentality that inspired Amanda to become a Group Fitness Instructor herself in 2010.

Amanda is known for variety and introducing new moves in every class she teaches. Outside of the studio, she challenges herself to learn new things, researches different fitness methods and finds new music as a way to prevent the dreaded ‘same every week’ feeling from her participants. Amanda is certified as an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, but also has specialty certifications in kettlebell, Zumba and Turbo Kick.

Originally from Georgia, Amanda has lived in seven different states, but feels like Florida is her favorite home. Her husband and two boys take up the majority of her time, making her life feel full in the best kind of way. Amanda feels it is a privilege to give back to others and have a small part in helping them to become the best they can be.