Carla - Tribe Studio Palm Beach


Carla Hoganson is originally from Lima, Peru. She moved to California after college where she met her husband James. They both have been living in South Florida for 16 years with their son and daughter, Diego and Daniela.

Carla is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Reformer Instructor and a Certified Health Coach.

However, fitness was not always her passion. Ironically, Carla would hide in the bathroom during her high school gym classes! A far cry from where she is now. She says that she got great inspiration and motivation from a personal trainer who offered her a free training session one day at her gym. That was the day she was hooked, and her exercise and nutrition journey began. Carla enjoys challenging people to reach new fitness levels and attain their goals while expanding their love for fitness, health and wellness. She is skilled in many strength modalities along with mat-Pilates and Reformer classes. Carla teaches Tribe’s ‘Band Together’ and ‘Slash and Burn’ formats.