Tiffany Bowers - Tribe Studio Palm Beach

Tiffany Bowers


Tiffany is the Founder and Creator of Tribe Studio. Growing up, Tiffany was a student athlete, competitive swimming being her year-round and primary focus. She says “…looking back, of course I enjoyed the athletic and physical component of organized sports, but I realize now that I mostly loved the group motivation, social relationships and strong bonds that I shared with my fellow teammates”. It’s no wonder she acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Fitness Management and has dedicated over 20 years to teaching group fitness classes, creating fitness programs and motivating others in her community. Tiffany is formally trained and holds national certifications in a long list of fitness modalities. Her strength is empowering people of all fitness levels to embrace a healthy lifestyle, build confidence and strive to meet their goals by exercising in new and different ways. Tiffany is also passionate about mentoring, training and sharing her methods with new Instructors. Opening a variety-based fitness class studio has been her dream for over a decade. The love and support from her husband, three children and extended family combined with 25 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry is what has led her to fulfill this dream and open Tribe Studio.