Popular comedian dies at 54 after strange accident

Popular British comedian Tony Knight recently died in a strange accident.

The 54-year-old was attending the Rock & Cars Festival in France on June 7 when two branches fell from a tree, hitting Knight and killing him. according to Entertainment Weekly. According to the site, four others were injured in the accident, but all survived.

“He was only 54 and had the time of his life,” a GoFundMe for his family said. “He was fit, healthy, happy and had everything going for him.”

People Magazine reported that the incident occurred “in fine weather, and there were no signs of wind or storm.”

According to the site, Knight was known not only as a comedian, but also for his talent as a dog trainer.

The GoFundMe said that Knight was preparing for a series of performances in the UK.

“We are beyond devastated that his life was taken by a freak accident,” the post read. “An accident that we are still trying to understand.”

It concluded: “Tony… we will love and miss you forever. Life will not be the same, but we will wrap our arms around your beloved Hayley.”

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