Pricing - Tribe Studio Palm Beach

We want everyone to have a chance to take classes and be a part of our wellness community. There are several options for membership.

Our unlimited monthly rate is your best value, as you can take as many classes each month as you please - and we want to see you every day! Remember – the schedule is designed so you CAN take a class every day and address strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, and recovery with no repeats!

But if you’d prefer to join for a specific number of classes monthly and pay less – we have three other membership levels available! And we are flexible at Tribe, so feel free to switch levels or cancel at any time for no additional cost.

If you want to pop in and out with less commitment, we do have 5 and 10 class packages for sale as well.

If you haven’t been to Tribe Studio before, please test out one class FOR FREE - so you can be sure it’s the right TRIBE for you.

We cannot wait to meet you and have the opportunity to provide you with the very best group fitness experience ever!


Choose your own amount to load onto a Tribe Studio gift card!


1-Class Trial Pass
(Please be our guest and test out a class. Our one free class trial is a single use for local residents only and expires 10-days from your set-up date.)



LEVEL ONE (4 classes per month):

$59 per month

LEVEL TWO (8 classes per month)

$89 per month

LEVEL THREE (12 classes per month)

$119 per month

LEVEL FOUR (Unlimited classes per month)

$139 per month

Monthly Members receive a discount on our drop-in rate for extra classes,
please email for your promo code.

For cancellations or to switch to a different level,
please email 3 business days before your billing date.


10 Class Pack
(6 month expiration date from purchase date)


5 Class Pack
(3 month expiration date from purchase date)


(Membership levels 1-3 recieve a discount, email us for your promo code.)