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Step is not dead at Tribe Studio

Do you know the benefits of classic step workouts are very diverse? Learning and practicing step patterns not only benefit your entire body, heart, lungs and burns a TON of calories, but it also trains your brain! This helps prevent brain fog, memory loss and overall cognitive decline. The rhythmic stepping movements and choreography (from basic to advanced) create opportunities to practice timing and sequencing. When someone has to think about their foot placement during exercise, to the point of precision and purpose, certain parts of the brain are turned on and brain plasticity is increased.

Why is this important? Studies show that patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s typically have reduced volume levels of gray matter in the brain. Gray matter serves to process information, signal sensory organs and control motor skills. Studies also show that practicing sensorimotor skills, such as rhythmic step patterns, can not only help to prevent gray matter decline and slow aging, but it can actually improve gray matter volume in certain areas of the brain associated with age-related illnesses.

Take a look at this step combo below (perhaps lace up your sneakers and join in?). We practiced each piece over and over until everyone got it down (hello, cardio much?). Then we put each piece together to make up a full 32-count combo. The workout is over before you know it, because there’s no room in there to let your mind drift away – those brains cells are in full attention. And what, class is over?

And not only is step training amazing for brain health, but the physical and cardiovascular benefits are unmatched. Because you are moving up, down, forward, backward and side-to-side, there is very little room for overuse and chronic injuries. Additionally, the movements simulate things the body does in everyday life, so it is an extremely functional way to train. The calorie burn is equivalent to running at a fast pace and on top of all of that, it improves balance, agility and coordination! The list really does go on and on.

So with all of that said, join us at Tribe Studio for a Cardio Core class with Amanda or a Kettlebell Cardio class with Tiffany. Both of these formats incorporate choreography on and off the step that will provide all of the amazing benefits mentioned here. We’d love to see you in-person at our brick and mortar studio: or workout in the comfort of your own space and sign up for your free trial at today!

Written by: Tiffany Bowers
Owner + Founder/Tribe Studio