Warner Bros. to remove one Adult Swim Xbox game from list this month, three others still uncertain

Earlier this year, it was reported that Warner Bros. Discovery would be delisting several games released through its Adult Swim Games label. Since then, it has been confirmed that several of the games are now safe, but while one game has already been announced as being delisted soon, A total of four Adult Swim Xbox games could be removed from the Microsoft Store on July 15While none of these titles made our list of the best Xbox indie games, it’s always sad to see games disappear for good.

Warner Bros. Discovery Could Delist Several Adult Swim Games on July 15

As reported by Delisted Games, things have changed somewhat since it was reported earlier this year that five Adult Swim Games titles were at risk of being removed from the Microsoft Store. Back in May, Polygon reported that Warner Bros. was planning to return ownership of some of the games to their developers, but it’s currently unclear how successful that has been. As of this writing, four Adult Swim games have had recent Steam updates confirming that they will be delisted on July 15, with one of them also available on Xbox: Mega Coin Squad.

“Adult Swim can no longer continue as a publisher for this game and the developer is not available to step into the publisher role at this time,” the Steam announcement reads. “As a result, Mega Coin Squad will be shutting down on July 15, 2024.”

Mega Coin Squad is the only game from the original delisting report that has been confirmed to be closing this month, but there has been an unsettling silence from some of the other games reportedly on the agenda. At this point, it appears that the following Xbox games could potentially be delisted on July 15, along with more for Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch:

Delisted Games suggests that Rise & Shine and the PC-only Kingsway – plus six other games on other platforms – are now safe from delisting, as they have found new publishers.

In other news about the removal of Battlefield 3 and all its DLC, EA will soon be removing it from the list. The Xbox 360 servers for several other Battlefield games will also be shut down.

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